C4 Kids Ministries

The ARK Nursery:
Ages: Newborn to 2 years

In C4’s infant ministry, “THE ARK”, children from Newborns to 18 months, learn about Jesus and His great love for them through songs, prayer, Bible stories, games, play, and snacks. Our goal is to give children a safe environment to learn and explore. They will also see familiar faces each week of our volunteers who love and care for them.

What to Expect

When you first bring you child into the Nursery, you will be asked to sign your child in and you will receive a pager. You will also need to fill out a child information form. A volunteer will assist you. Also please remain behind the counter. Only authorized workers are allowed beyond the check in desk. You will also need to label baby’s belongings such as diaper bag, bottle or sippy cup, blanket etc. When you pick up your baby, return the pager and sign out. You will receive a parent note from a volunteer.

Infants can learn:

*God cares and   provides for me.

*God created all things.

*I should love God.

*Jesus, God’s Son, loves me.

My name is Molly Adams and I have a passion to take care of the babies here at C4. We have created a safe environment where you can leave your babies with us and know that they are being cared for by qualified nursery workers who had been screened and had a background check. It is our hopes that your children begin to see the love of Jesus in their lives and that they begin to know that God created them and that He loves them.