Central Carolina Community Church

To know God and to make Him known


FEB 17th Both Sunday Services
In a world that has lost its soul and now made it legal to terminate a pregnancy at 9 months, we need a revival! Don't miss this service as Your Choices Randolph shares with us how they are changing our community of young people helping them to make better choices with their lives.


Psalms in the key of life Sermon Series will continue in March

C/R will begin in March

Every First Monday Night 6:30 - 7:45pm In The Trough

Every First Sunday 4-5:30pm In The Trough

Prayerlife 2
We desire for our folks to be engaged in prayer for one another. We invite our C4 Partners and regular attenders to join our C4 Prayerlife page on Facebook in the weeks to come. We encourage you to post your prayer requests as well as letting everyone know when you are going to pray so they can post prayer requests for you to pray for. To be clear this FB group is only for those who are a Partner or a regular attender at C4.