Central Carolina Community Church

To know God and to make Him known


We will look at what the Bible has to say about the power of being together in small groups. This Sunday's message is "Shape Up" We will see how God has specifically designed small groups for one specific purpose…to go deeper! In a day and age where people are finding reasons to stay away from church or going to church, they never become a part of the life of the church. We believe we need to be in relationships with one another in order to fulfill God's ultimate plan for our lives.


Psalms in the key of life Sermon Series will continue in February

Prayerlife 2
We desire for our folks to be engaged in prayer for one another. We invite our C4 Partners and regular attenders to join our C4 Prayerlife page on Facebook in the weeks to come. We encourage you to post your prayer requests as well as letting everyone know when you are going to pray so they can post prayer requests for you to pray for. To be clear this FB group is only for those who are a Partner or a regular attender at C4.

1st MONDAY (in The Trough)
C4 MEN'S GATHERING 6:30-7:45 Discipleship for men
2nd MONDAY (in The Trough)
C4 WOMEN'S GATHERING 6:30-7:45 Bible Study for ladies